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Make sure the quality of air coming through your system is of an optimum and hygienic level, S Bolz Ltd specialise in the repair and maintenance of all vehicle air conditioning. Whether you are not getting the correct temperature or it has stopped working entirely, you can expect our technicians to restore your air conditioning to a fully functioning condition.

Fully Functioning Air Conditioning for your Vehicle

• Antibacterial cleaning

• Air conditioning checks

• Air conditioning repairs

• De and re-gassing

• Leak testing

• Parts replaced

Comprehensive air conditioning

As we have the latest technology and equipment, you can expect our experienced technicians to significantly improve the quality of your air conditioning system, even improving the quality of air.


If you are looking to improve the quality of your driving experience, then book your vehicle in for a Hunter wheel alignment.

Latest Air Conditioning Equipment

Is your air conditioning producing a strange aroma? Our technicians are able to fix your air conditioning system, improving the quality of air.