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Introducing the world's leading wheel alignment technology, Hunter wheel alignment is able to improve your driving experience and ensure better handling with your vehicle. Providing you with a safer vehicle, Hunter wheel alignment is exclusive to S Bolz Ltd and can improve your fuel economy and minimise carbon emissions, saving you money and helping the environment at the same time.

Hunter Wheel Alignment in Manchester

• Improve handling

• Suspension inspections

• Prevents premature tyre wear

• Improves fuel economy - saving you money

• Minimises carbon emissions

Hunter Wheel Alignment helps;

Visit Align My Car to see if you are eligible for discount on your Hunter wheel alignment, just enter your postcode into the field and you will be provided with a voucher.


If you need tyres replacing, then our technicians have a range of budget and performance tyres available.

Discount on Hunter Wheel Alignment

Save money on your fuel economy with a Hunter wheel alignment, call