Car Body Repairs


Specialist Body Repair Shop

Even the slightest damage to your car’s bodywork has a significant impact on the appearance of your vehicle. At our body repair shop in Greater Manchester, we use proven methods and years of experience to provide car paint and body repairs. Based in North Manchester, our specialist team cover work ranging from repairing scratches and dents to full car sprays. While a lot of our work comes from car owners, we also work with trade clients and carry out insurance work. For your peace of mind, all of our parts are insurance approved, and warranties covering our work are discussed at the point of consultation.

Alloy Wheel Refurbs


We know how annoying it can be when you’re having a bad day and accidentally catch an alloy on the curb. Let our team smooth over the rough edges and refurbish your wheels back to looking brand new. Our wheel refurbishment service covers vehicles of all makes and models.


Resolving Scratches And Dents


Two of the most common forms of bodywork damage we come across are scratches and dents. Our skilled team will remove any dents or scratches your vehicle has sustained in order to restore the bodywork back to showroom standard.

Custom Body Kits


Rejuvenate the look of your vehicle with our custom body kits. You are given a choice of various bumpers, spoilers, door handles, and much more, allowing you to put together the perfect new bodywork for your car. Alternatively, get in touch with our specialists and discuss what you are looking for. We will take it from there, creating a body kit that suits your needs. All quotations given for custom body kits are based on the cost of parts and labour.


Smart Repairs


A technique used to repair small areas of car bodywork damage, SMART is an acronym that stands for ‘small-to-medium-area repair technology’. We use this technique to make minor bodywork repairs, such as removing scuffs from bumpers.

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