Car Servicing, Diagnostics & Repairs

Car maintenance by experts in North Manchester

At S Bolz Limited, we carry out annual car servicing, diagnostics and extensive repair work. Our highly experienced technicians are able to ensure that your vehicle is returned in a safe and fully functioning manner, all at an affordable rate.

Our car service covers multiple areas, including

Performance panel filters

A performance air filter is a replacement filter that allows more air to flow than a standard filter. It doesn't need replacing but needs occasional cleaning. We can replace your standard filter with a performance panel filter.

Brake fluid change

We can change the brake fluid of your car if it is more than 3 years old. The fluid needs changing every two years once that initial three year period is up.

DSG gearbox and Haldex coupling oil change

We can change gearbox and Haldex coupling oil. While gearbox oil needs changing every 40,000 miles, Haldex coupling oil needs changing annually.

Cambelt replacement

We can check and advise you when your cambelt needs replacing. We can give you a competitive quote on cambelt replacement and we may also recommend a water pump replacement if needed.

Let your car deliver high performance for years to come

Our technicians will service your car following the manufacturer’s guidelines and reset the service indicator. We will also stamp your service book and register the service online for cars which do not have a service book. Once done, we will provide you with an itemised invoice detailing the work carried out and the parts used.

Automotive air conditioning

If your car’s air conditioning system is not working properly, contact us. We can service the system so you can enjoy cool and clean air whenever you need it. Our air conditioning service includes:


  • Compressor repair or replacement
  • Refrigerant replacement
  • Air filter cleaning and replacement
  • Condenser blockage removal


Contact us with your queries today! We welcome clients from all over Greater Manchester.

Vehicle diagnostics

If the fuel economy of your car has deteriorated, then it’s time for a diagnostics service. Diagnostics will identify any existing or potential problems with your car. At S Bolz Limited, we offer expert fault finding services and use the latest equipment to fix the faults found. Call us today! Based in North Manchester, we regularly welcome clients from all over Greater Manchester.

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